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K R Rubber Lining develops, manufactures and installs corrosion resistant materials and innovative lining technologies for an extensive variety of industrial requirements.

Supply Of Rubber Sheets And Rubber Materials

We are supplying calendered rubber sheets 0.5 mm thick to 20 MM and more in 12 mtr long X 1.25 Mtr width with a perfect surface. Rubber sheets manufacturing by combining a calender machine with three rollers, rubber sheets with superior thickness tolerance can be produced with precision. We are having 14" X 42" 3 roller verticle calender  machine with let off and 12 Mtr conveyor unit including winding facilities. We are having Autoclave and boiler facilities for steam curing.
If any one wants we are ready to supply NR or synthetic rubber compounds for their requirement. We are having 14" X 42" Mixing mills -2 Nos.
We are ready to supply metal to rubber, rubber to rubber bonding adhesives for the cold and hot process.


Rubber Expansion Bellows And Hoses

Manufacturing and supply of various types of Expansion bellow with reinforcement or without reinforcement. Multi or single humps with metal or rubber flanged bellows. Round shape, square shaped bellows with back split galvanized M.S.Flanges. As well as we supplied hand laid hoses up to 600 dia with reinforcement and metal or rubber flanged withstand in vaccum and pressure condition.
Molded bellows and extruded hoses also we are manufacturing and supply to many customers.


Fabrication Of MS And SS Equipments

K R Rubber lining is an expert in MS and SS fabrication of equipment of Storage vessels, pressure vessels, clarrifiers,agitators, ducts, rolls, pulleys, cell house parts, pipes and fittings, and etc. We are having all facilities for fabrication machinery and experienced workers. We have Hydraulic presses, plate bending, drilling, lathe, welding and all hand machines. The maximum we are executing fabrication work 250 Tonnes per month. Now we are accepting orders for MS fabrication and Rubber lining -MSRL products.



Supply of M.S. and S.S. Process Equipment, Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Reactor Vessels, Ducts, Separators, Clarifiers, Agitators, Spray Driers, Blenders, Ball Mills, Cell house Parts, road tankers, Pipes and Fittings, Stack, Fan casings and Duct Silos, Columns etc., with latest technology of fabrication guided by ASME, ASTM, IS:2825, BS 5500 or equivalent codes. We do have experts in TIG, MIG, Gas and PVC welding.    


Rubber Lining

After Fabrication, the same above items rubber lining by Natural Rubber and Various Synthetic Rubbers like Neoprene, Butyl, Hypalon, SBR, EPDM, Nitrile and Etc., guided by BS 6374 Part-V, IS 4682 PART – I and CP3003 or equivalent codes. The testing will be carried out as per the ASTM standard.
Manufacturer Specified Products like Rubberized Rollers, Rubber Expansion Bellows and Joints, Gaskets, Oil seals, "O" Rings, U-seals, J-seals, edge strips, Flexible cell cover, ebonite blocks, Cap nuts, Ebonite brine filter internals, Ebonite spacers, distance pieces, division strips, Caulking strips, Rubber sheets, Adhesive, putty materials, Silicon seals, Viton seals and etc........with relevant codes.


Anti-Corrosion& Anti-Abrasion Rubber Lining (Site / Factory)

K R Rubberlining is an Expert in Rubber Lining (Site / Factory) Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Reaction Vessels, Separators, Clarifiers, Agitators, Cell House Toughs and Cover, road tankers, Pipes and Fittings, pulley Lagging, Rollers, Rubber Molded and extruded goods.Supply of rubber sheets and rubber materials, also we are expert in FRP lining. Undertaken site rubber lining works
We are having a huge area for each and every product. Many Hydraulic presses and extrusion machines with autoclave and Boiler facilities for steam curing.
We are having electrical thermo cutters for perfect holes and flange rubber trimming.
We are having highly experienced rubber liners, operators and all modern tools and tackles.
Monthly we are doing rubber lining at factory minimum 1,600 M.Sq and at site minimum 750 sq. mtrs.


Rubber Molded And Extruded Goods / FRP Lining

We are executing FRP lining in M.S.Tanks, road tankers, chemical storage vessels, ducts and etc with thermoplastics like polycarbonate, polypropylene, nylon, and much more; thermosets like polyesters(Bakelite type), and epoxies.The fibres can be natural, like jute, sisal, grass: or man-made, like metal wires, glass fibre, and ceramic fibre, and textile fabrics.Processes can be hand layup, co-extrusion, moulding and casting in the case of finely chopped fibres.
Rubber Molded goods like gaskets, washers, "o" Rings, oil seals, expansion bellows, grommets, bushes, seals, bumpers,seals and etc by all rubber varieties.
Rubber extrusion products of Division strips, window seals, U,J,P,L,T and triangle and rectangle section  items and etc. as per Customer requirements.
We are having Hydraulic presses and extrusion machines with autoclave and Boiler facilities.

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